Repositories made by Scrawk

physics / 2d Deformable Body In Unity
A 2D Deformable body simulation in Unity using FEM
procedural / Proland To Unity
A port of Proland to Unity
effects / Wireframe Shader
A wireframe material in Unity using the geometry shader.
effects / Tiled Directional Flow
A shader to control the direction water flows based on a flow map in Unity.
procedural / Gpu Gems Improved Perlin Noise
Perlin noise on the GPU in Unity
procedural / Simple Procedural Terrain
A simple example of how to create a Unity terrain from code using procedural noise.
procedural / Procedural Noise
Simple examples of noise algorithms in Unity
procedural / Marching Cubes On The Gpu
A implementation of the marching cubes algorithm on the GPU in Unity.
effects / Brunetons Improved Atmospheric Scattering
A Unity port of Brunetons improved atmospheric scattering