Repositories made by keijiro

effects / Kino Contour
Contour line filter for Unity
effects / Contact Shadows
Experimental implementation of contact shadows for Unity.
tools / Test Cards
A simple test pattern generator.
samples / Octane Unity Test
Some examples of use of Octane for Unity
effects / Kino Isoline
Isoline image effect for Unity
effects / Kino Ramp
Color gradient overlay image effect for Unity
effects / Mini Engine Ao
SSAO image effect from Microsoft MiniEngine, ported to Unity.
effects / Wav Texture
A Unity example showing how to bake a waveform of an audio clip into a texture and use it in a shader.
parsers / Midi Anim Importer
A custom importer that imports a .mid file (SMF; Standard MIDI File) into an animation clip.
effects / Noise Ball 2
A small example of procedural modeling with compute shaders.
audio / Audio Jack
External Audio Analyzer for Unity
inputs / Unity Midi Input
NOTE: This project has been already discontinued. Use MidiJack instead.
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