Introducing AssetLoad

Posted 4 months ago - 26 Sep, 2017


This is a complete rewrite of UnityList, but different.

Different algorithm, different rules, and most importantly no empty repositories and contains Unreal Engine projects.

You can visit this new search engine on

So what's happening to UnityList?

Short answer is nothing, this website will continue on running until we run out of money to run this thing. We'll keep on patching any serious issues we stumble upon and so on. Loing answer is, it'll keep it's shape

Bad decisions

You might've moticed that we have less and less updates recently, this is due to the way UnityList is built. We've made some bad decisions when first creating this, one of which is being completely dependant on Github. Other big design mistake was actually using Facebook.
Facebook was a easy choice back in the time, but we didn't take in account that not every dev would have one. This was a quick integration mostly since we already had facebook comments that included their whole gigantic SDK even if you didn't use it completely. Comments were later removed since nobody was using them, and we were getting some bot comments from time to time which wasn't fun to deal with.

AssetLoad ( Unity and Unreal )

AssetLoad is a complete rewrite of UnityList, with the idea of including other sources then github and other engines such as Unreal Engine. Obviously, it's not as complete as UnityList in terms of features (e.g. it's missing a twitter bot, no personal collections or simply the search engine results look absolute crap), but that will change in the future. As for missing features, we're always listening for your suggestions. Just send us a feedback at

The biggest diference like I mentioned is the exclusion of empty projects. Although empty projects have some good sources, it's always hard to tell from first glance if that project really does contain what you're looking for.

Final note

Anyhow, once again. Thanks for using this site. All of these projects are currently running on one person's personal wallet, so if you would like to support us financially then feel free to leave us a message through the AssetLoad's feedback form.

Keep on inspiring and share the love!

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