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Posted a year ago - 7 Sep, 2016

Thank you for using this magnificent super aggregator.

I decided to make a blog section so that you always know what's going on with UnityList.
Along with this section, we also bring many other updates. So check out the changes at the end of this post !

Anyway, this whole project had a surprising smooth start. I didn't expect many of you to use it this often.

At some point I was afraid that this whole thing was going nowhere due to a stupid bug in my analytics code.

Line chart showing a huge hole inside the analytics

( That graph is portraying not only the visitor count but also my motivation )

Luckily, I wasn't affected much by it.

Mostly because I had some great plans, and no puny little statistics were gonna stop me.
Those plans are still on the way, and I'll slowly release the updates over time.

Thanks again for using this service and don't forget to spread the love !

My Personal UnityPackage Finds

I will also be throwing in here few good project finds that I gathered before creating this search engine:

  • UnityToolbag Great collection of useful classes and tools
  • TeaTime Awesome generic library for tweening or creating sequences, found this great for a lot of uses
  • Anything made by Keijiro Takahashi Most amazing open source effects I've seen in my life. Check them out, that guy works for Unity Technologies

Also, don't forget to check out @Unity_Feed, the lovely twitter bot that tweets like there's no tomorrow.

Changes log

New stuff:

  • A more compact and pixelized design ( New default font too ! )
  • Fancier homepage
  • Redesigned latest page with an easier overview of newest projects
  • Thought this website couldn't get any faster? Think again, page load weights 600kb less !
  • This blog and that tiny green dot above the blog menu for updates
  • Downloads are now using .ZIP urls instead of .tar.gz
  • Browser-side validation for submit form added
  • Bunch of barely-measurable performance improvements
  • Crawler gives now better project names ( Terms like 3D or iOS are no longer separated with space )


  • Some projects didn't properly display their images in their description
  • Filters now stay open after page refresh
  • Mystery changes that only Google spider can see
  • @Unity_Feed was tweeting duplicate content, not sure what's the cause yet but I might've fixed it
All news: