Update & The future

Posted a year ago - 15 Sep, 2016

I'm bringing you a pack of new updates and my thoughts on how I can improve the search engine even further.

Navigating this site can sometimes be a hell, especially when refreshing the page. So I took care of that — not only those problems are gone, but you can now easily share your results with anyone.

Along that update, some visual changes and new sorting option has been added.

The Future

Current way of sorting ( which prioritizes new repos with thumbnails ) is not exactly new repo friendly. There are some repos that are great but lack a thumbnail, putting them all the way at the end of the list, making them harder to be discovered.

In order to improve that, I'll be experimenting with various algorithms to promote repositories with good content first, even if they don't contain any images at all. With good fresh repositories visible, this site is going to be even greater !

The @Unity_Feed Bot

...right, not exactly a priority but I'll revive it in the next update.

The Extension

Recently, I asked on twitter if a Unity extension would be interesting to have.
So, I've been playing around to see how I could integrate UnityList into Unity3D itself.

Here's a sneak peak : (note that everything works and this is not a mockup) :

UnityList Extension

Unfortunately, with the amount of private reflection calls, I highly doubt this will ever pass the Asset Store review.
Also the design isn't that great, I noticed that browsing from that small window is painful.
So naturally, I'll be doing a complete UnityList redesign in the future.

First entry to the future F.A.Q. ?

I wanted to include this answer to brain_emesis (on reddit), who asked me a good question:

Why should someone use this compared to Asset Store?

Well, github has a wider range of great projects that aren't in the Asset Store.
Otherwise I wouldn't have made this. In short, this website is simply an overkill response to "Can I find even more cool stuff here?".

I know that most assets on Asset Store provide full source, but in the end if that person doesn't make enough money, he would either open-source it or delete it. I've had a case with Unibill (cost me around 100$) where at some point they removed their asset and even refused to provide the latest source, leaving me with an old broken version.
These kind of things turn me off, not allowing you to recover something you paid for is just plain ridiculous.

Asset Store is still far from being open source friendly, or even user friendly. Not to forget, money is constantly corrupting the store.

While it's true that you don't always get a full package solution with long-term support on github, you do get parts that you can use to build your own perfect solution without coding everything from scratch.

The way I see it, UnityList is a place for inspiration, not products.

Thanks for reading !

Changes log

New stuff:

  • Improved list view
  • Sharable links with filters and improved navigation ! (Should've added this long time ago)
  • New project cards style ( no more unsaturated images )
  • Sort by Creation Date added
  • Download and Source buttons are more accurately tracked for future use
  • Latest page now displays the date in a humanized format
  • Client-side performance improvements


  • Crawler:
    • Slightly better categorization
    • Bad thumbnail crawls will now revert to no thumbnail
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