GIGA Update is finally out !

Posted a year ago - 22 Oct, 2016

Giga update header

We've made some big structural changes, and we're really hyped for this finally to go live.

Biggest change is the integration of ElasticSearch, this allows for a far better suggestion and search experience.
This took us a lot of time, since it required changing a lot of things. One might not notice much of a difference, but this integration will allow us to do add some really crazy features in the future.


Second most notable change would be the collections page.

We're now showing your visited repos, this will allow us to provide better results when searching for things and soon enough, we'll create suggestions based on your own interests.
You can now create your own list of things you found, this way you can keep a nice personal list.

Sharing and exploring collections will be available in the future.


It's back online again !
Check it out @Unity_Feed

Last note

With almost 9k repos available and people posting more repositories with images, all we can say is that this is awesome!
This whole project is purely dependant on one developer, so if you want to support that guy, don't hesitate to send a mail to There's supposed to be my email in image format here

Thanks for using UnityList, and leave a comment if you have anything to say even if it's a simple thanks.

Changes log

New stuff:

  • Improved search engine
  • Language displayed on the thumbs
  • Collections page
    • Create your own lists
    • Browsing history
  • Similar projects list is now more relevant to the visited project
  • Blog posts are now separate and have a comments section !
  • Improved project URLs and they're now typo proof (and old urls will be redirected to new ones)
  • About page is now more formally written
  • More rendering optimizations
  • @Unity_Feed is back online !
  • Crawler:
    • Better categorization
    • Language detection


  • Home background no longer changes twice on first load
  • Bad thumbnail crawls will now revert to no thumbnail
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