Quick update

Posted a year ago - 7 Nov, 2016

Quick update header

Lately, we've noticed that there were duplicate projects appearing here and there, so we had to push this update earlier.
Along this fix we also bring you something new, something we call the Green Score !

Green Score

So what the hell is this?

Easy, a simple scoring system that grades and ranks repositories with better content first.
This way, most projects that have no additional info nor any popularity will sadly stay all the way back in the list.
We introduced this system so that those who make effort to put at least a bit of info will get more discoverability.

So currently,

  • "Sort by Magic" will sort by the Green Score
  • Latest page has green colored repos to indicate those that have least a bit of additional information

What does it mean for you my good old lurker?
This will help you find quality repos without opening up every single repo to check for its content !

The scoring is updated every 4 hours, and the algorithm will be refined and further improved in the future.

Last note, donations

Since this whole project is hosted and maintained by only one guy who keeps refering to himself as "we".
It would make us proud if you can make him happy by donating whatever you want, as long as it can be traded for food and coffee.

Here's the button, and you can find one on the about page as well.

Thank you in advance for supporting me !

Changes log

New stuff:

  • Experimental scoring system ( Sort by Magic )
  • Fancier empty thumbnails
  • Latest page now has colors to indicate that it has at least a bit of additional information
  • Header menu links now become smaller for mobile
  • @Unity_Feed has nicer thumbnail pictures


  • Crawler: Duplicate repos are gone for good

Known bugs:

  • Website search is broken on samsung mobile browser, probably elsewhere too
  • Design is a bit ugly on mobile ever since new stuff were added
All news: