BIG Update

Posted 9 months ago - 27 Feb, 2017

Now, that's a big update

What a great new year, starting with lots and lots of open source repositories. They just keep coming, it never ends!

11,460+ REPOS !

Now that's a nice number.

So what kind of new stuff do we have in store for everyone?

Redesign of the gallery and list views

  • Forks and Stars have moved above the title
  • Title is no longer cropped, supports multiline wrapping
  • License type and language are still displayed above

List View

  • Description is now on the same line as title, making it more compact and readable
  • License type and language are next to title ( next to the images indicator )


Here are some general changes to both views:

  • License has its own distinguishable color
  • You no longer see the stars and forks for repositories that have none
  • Favorites button is gone from the list

What's next?

There are still bunch of things we need to do before we can remove that 'beta' from the logo.
One of those would be making a good collections system, just like one on ( which is an awesome site for js )

Second big change would be removing the Facebook login and replacing it with guess what, Github Login !
Github login will allow users to see their stats of their own repositories on UnityList, improve the visibility, remove duplicates, and allow them to star projects directly from this website!

Anyway, if you notice any issues, don't hesitate to contact us.
Thanks again and keep on browsing !

Changes log

New stuff:

  • Gallery and list redesign
  • Upgraded to ElasticSearch 5 !
  • Multi-license filtering !
  • Better magic sort
  • Better image crawling
  • Smarter analytics, extensions and VR/AR crawling
  • Instead of showing empty description, we show you other suggestions ( useful for mobile browsing )


  • Updated repos number on the homepage
  • Removed favorite button on the browse screen ( temporary )
  • GreenScore improvements
  • Sorting improvements
  • Order of categories changed


  • Pagination fixes
  • Style and layout fixes
  • Removed facebook comments as nobody used them
  • Crawler title correction for UniRx and few other stuff
  • Most popular sorting fixed
  • Better error handling
  • Lots of small fixes you probably never noticed
All news: