December 5, 2016


• Unity Enviro Sim
Sim of a simple ecosystem using Unity
• Horus
A simple game made with Unity
• Unity3d Scripts Examples
This repository has some scripts examples in C # for use in unity 3D
• Flappy Bird Unity Tutorial
A clone of flappy bird made through unity, it is a tutorial i am following.


• Udacity Vr Maze
VR Maze created in Unity as part of the Udacity VR Developer nanodegree program
• My Virtual Piano
Virtual Reality piano, made for the google cardboard. Developed using unity.


• Plugins
Unity, UE4, Python, OSVR, all plugins will be in this repo !


• Json
C# JSON Utilities for the Unity game engine.

December 4, 2016


• Super Mario World
Unity Super Mario World sample
• Simple Unity Client
Client that consumes as a test
• Soap Game
Mobile game for Android and iOS devices. Made with Unity game engine. Demo:
• Unity Projects
Personal game development projects using the Unity game engine
• Unity Haunted Zombie Rush
Unity 3D game - Flappy Bird like
• Unity Roll A Zombie
Unity 3D Game - Roll A Zombie
• Unity 1
Space Shooter Tutorial on Unity
• Tank Tutorial
My implementation of Unity Tank tutorial
• Unity Training Projects
A bunch of Unity projects that i created/repeated from tutorials while studying game engine


• Vr Scene
Basic Project for learning Unity and VR
• Hackbrain Eeg 2vr
Hackbrain unity side of the project
• Unity Bubbles
A simple interactive room-scale experience, as first step into Unity VR development.


• Unity Pathfinding Demo
Demo project of scripting different pathfinding algorithms in Unity.
• Ubt
Behavior Trees for Unity


• Unity Multi Standalone Builder
A Unity Editor script that allows you to build standalone builds for multiple platforms with one click.
• Unity Editor Learn
Unity Editor Learn


• Unity Procedural Mesh Optimization Presentation
Code to accompany my Maximizing performance of 3D user-generated assets in Unity talk
• Proc Gen Test
A test of generating procedural rooms in unity


• Baggage Saga Unity
A 2D game created for the QUT Games Academy in conjunction with Right Pedal Games. The game was created using the 2d framework supplied with Unity3d.


• Terminal Game
A text parser game built in Unity. Inspired by the Github November game jam 2016


• Unity Npc Text Tool
2D-NPC begin to talk.

December 3, 2016


• Unity3d Libs Crypto
A simple class for Unity3D to encrypt and decrypt string data
• Unity Objects Pool
A simple object pooling system for Unity
• Unity3d Libs Pooling System
A simple and easy to use pooling system for Unity3D
• Unity Game
An attempt at a unity game


• Room Escape Vr
Unity Project for Room Escape VR - Final Year Project
• Vr Stealth
This project is designed to work with the Unity's Tutorial Stealth on Virtual Reality(VR) area.


• Unity3d Libs Logging
Log events in files; uses the FineFennec.Unity3DLibs.FileOps module


• Procedural Generation 2
Test de génération procédurale sous Unity/C#
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