July 26, 2017


• Unity Custom Inspector
Example on creating a custom inspector for scripts in Unity
• Unity Game Manager
A few simple game management components for the unity engine.
• 2d Strategy Unity
Simple 2D strategy games mechanics
• Light Box Demo
Static demo for testing sample rooms with mock lighting fixtures using Unity
• Unity Example
Unity Inversion Of Control
• Inferno Interactive
A collaborative 3D unity game
• Animations
Simple Unity animations
• Playcard Align Unity
A Simple app for Play Card Align


• Shiroi Unity
A set of Unity Utilities
• Awesome Toolbox
UI toolbox component for Unity
• Unity Game Tools
A collection of tools to help me mak gam quik!


• Haxball Networking
Haxball clone using unity networking
• Unity Networking With Session
Unity networking dll with multiple sessions



• Determinstic Physics Unity
Determinstic physics for Unity3D


• Xbloques 3d 2
A simple Blocks Game Created with Unity 3D Where I check the plugin "GitHub for Unity"


• Guitar Riffenge
Unity rythm/dungeon crawler video game


• Kibble Catch
This is a short Hololens application demonstrating how Zenject can be used. Note, the purchased asset Dog Beagle was left out, so for the completed project this asset would have to be purchased and ad…

July 25, 2017


• Events Unity Demo
Events and Delegates Unity C# Demo
• Simple Update Manager
simple update manager with unity
• Unity Demo Ufo
Demo project to test checking a Unity project into github
• Unity Demos
Some small games developed by Unity5.6.And most of them are inspired by Namco Demos.
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