April 30, 2017


• Number Wizard
a simple number guessing game done in unity using c#
• Connect Arduino To Unity3d Csharp Arduino
Simple car which can be controlled by Arduino
• Flocking Sim
A simple simulation of a flocking system using lights with trails. Looks quite funny.
• Unity3d Example Mjpeg
Example of reading MJPEG with unity3d.
• Augmented Reality Game
Simple augmented reality platform game built using Unity and Vuforia.
• Dodge Game
Simple unity game where you need to dodge blocks.
• Bomb Defuse
Simple 2D mastermind-like game made with Unity
• Click To Move
Here are the project files form the Click TO Move Examples using the Unity Game Engine.
• Unity Roll A Ball Demo
Unity 3D Demo for Roll a Ball Project
• App Math Demo
Unity application for graphics special effects demonstration using Apple object. Apple is logo for Applied Mathematics Department of Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University.


• Climbing Vr
Climbing game built in Unity for HTC Vive
• Graduation Project
Unity、Steam VR


• Revan Unity Utils
A bunch of extension methods for Unity
• Utils
Some Unity 3D code tools


• The Spirit Forest
My Final Year Project made with unity. The Spirit forest is a fast paced third person multiplayer co-op role playing game.

April 29, 2017


• Sample Cross Platform Games
Prototypes for cross platform video games built using the Unity 3D SDK and the .NET framework.
• Menu Simples Unity
Criando um menu simples para Unity utilizando tutorial oficial.
• Unity Examples
unity examples
• Unity
Horror game.
• Demo Unity
Demo Unity Project


• Disable Assembly Reload In Play Mode
Disable Unity Editor's automatic reload of assemblies in Play mode
• Azure Cognitive Services For Unity
A set of code that helps you leverage Azure Cognitive Services from within Unity apps and the editor


• Final Project Connor Peers
Final Unity Project for Conrad Nobert


• P Jumper
2D Jump'n'run game using the unity engine. Playable in the browser with the unity plugin
• Live Query Sdk Dot Net
LiveQuery for C# & Unity


• Unity Tools
Small tools to improve Unity workflows
• Abtool
Unity AssetBundle tool


• Hori Steering Controller
HORI Steering Controller for Unity 5
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