June 25, 2017


• Unity . Shared
Common tools for Unity3D development
• Orex
Domestic extensions for Unity


• Vr Skydive
VR skydiving game found on the Unity play store and itch.io. This game was privily tested on an Android Galaxy s7
• 3d Shooter Virtual Reality
3D shooter is an isometric 3D survival shooter game where our little Hero fights with enemies inorder to survive. The whole scenario takes place in the bedroom of the little guy at night time. He has …


• Pm Test
A unity test for a job application, a track editor and simple racing AI.


• Alpaca
unity multiplayer with custom networking


• Unity Ar Kit Plugin Samples
Unity ARKit Pluginの機能ごとに、説明用シーンとコメントを入れたサンプルプロジェクト

June 24, 2017


• El Chapos Escape
:gun: Unity project for CSE 4285
• Xf Architecture
Sample application to show Unity based DI and MVVM in Xamarin.Forms
• Sweet Madness
A classic runner, in which the main character is a tiny cat named "Mr. Fantastic" ⚡️
• Unity 2d Game
Experimental repository about Unity 2D games
• Voxel Engine
a simple voxel engine for Unity
• I 18n Unity3d
A simple localization lib used for unity3d project.
• Unity 2dgame
2d SideScrolling Game created by CompSci Students and Artists


• Bouncebeat
VR musical physics sandbox game made in Unity. When a bead hits a bouncepad it creates a sound, the pitch scales dependent on velocity.
• Unity Vr Input
unity vr input


• Zombie And Mummy
Update at Unity navigation system broke the game


• Unity Windows Capture
A framework to capture individual windows or the entire desktop in Unity


• Unity Webgl Multiplayer
Unity WebGL basic multiplayer demo using WebSockets
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