November 24, 2017


• Vuforia Demo
This is a Unity project that I play with Vuforia, an AR library that simplifies target detection.
• Arpgdemo
Unity 3d Demo
• Wrld Unity Masking Demo
A small demo to showcase the use of stencil masks in Unity to render only specific parts of a map provided by the WRLD Unity SDK.


• Project Vr Vanas
Project VR VANAS Unity
• Escape Room
Virtual Reality Escape Room made with Unity


• Scriptable Object Tools
Some ScriptableObject tools for Unity
• Keyword Tools
Hacky Unity tools for identifying and removing scene material keywords.


• Unity Gui Test
A unity3d project to test features such as GUI, basic animation and post-processing effects
• Unity Engine . Ui
Schwarzer's UnityEngine.UI Mod


• Machine Learning Car Ai
Description:This project is a unity simulation for a self driving car that Learns from it's mistakes in order to complete a given track.


• Unity Move Camera On Touch
A simple script to smoothly move the camera around when displaying objects


• Editor Lib
Unity编辑器功能 集成库


• Animation Controller 3d
Testing 3D animation controls with Unity

November 23, 2017


• Game Off 2017
:video_game: :green_apple: :lemon: Game Off 2017: game
• Unity3d Tutorial Unity
Tutorial de Codigo Facilito (Youtube)
• Unity Remote Console
A simple remote console plugin for Unity.
• Dlib Face Landmark Detector With Open Cv Sample
Some examples in DlibFaceLandmarkDetector.unitypackage use DlibFaceLandmarkDetector and OpenCV.
• Mastering Android Game Development With Unity
Mastering Android Game Development with Unity, by Packt
• Unity Projects
Unity Projects - Extending tutorials


• Audio Source Extension
Extends the functionnalities of Unity AudioSources
• Play
What it sounds like. More playing around with graph based interactive narrative game, back to Unity but a lighter weight event-based architecture.


• Debug Log Helper
Allows to show marked and colored logs in Unity


• 09 Materials And Effects
Work through of Section 9: Materials and Effects of Unity Cert course
• Feedback Effect
feedback vfx in unity


• Fite Me Irl
3D Unity networked 1v1 PvP game


• Unity Native C
Native C source code bundled into Unity plugins
• Dlib Face Landmark Detector
FaceLandmark Detector using Dlib (Unity Asset Plugin)


• A Life In Vr
just another Unity project
• Vr Zombie Shooter
An arcade-style virtual reality first person zombie shooter game, built on the unity game engine with the googleVR library


• Legend Of Zelda
A fun little project where I attempt to re-create the original LoZ using the original assets in Unity. I do plan to update some of the enemy behavior so that they are not so random


• Ext Open Nodes
Node based Component Linking Tool for Unity.


• Scindia Tour Guide
A tour guide app in unity

November 22, 2017


• Rolla Ball Game
Simple video game created with Unity 3D and C# scripting. Implemented player physics, UI score, collectable prefabs, moving objects, and a win response.
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