Animated Unity Layouts

by tmunro

An example project for animating auto-layouts in Unity's UI system.

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Animating Unity UI auto-layouts

This project exists to show some examples of how to animate Unity UI components when they are driven by the auto-layout system. Ordinarily, it's impossible to animate auto-layouts because their RectTransforms are constantly being overwritten by whichever LayoutGroup is driving them. This project demonstrates a way around that problem, and allows you to use regular Unity animation clips to animate slide-ins and fold-ins.


Animating with the built-in Unity animation clip system will create tons of garbage keyframes if the auto-layout system is active while you're animating. I mostly animate with the objects I'm animating disabled so they don't trigger the auto-layout functions.

I haven't been able to figure out how to create an effective two-dimensional slide-in, e.g. slide in from the top left. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem possible to tween the Flexible properties effectively, so you can't really use them.


Ultimately, I'd like to have as much layout flexibility as the CSS Box Model. The Unity UI Extensions project is a good place to look for some of that functionality.

How to use

Download this example project and take a look at how the components are put together in the included test scenes.

Fold-in animations

Animations where the object is being laid-out while animating (so that child objects are constantly updating position and size) are possible if you use the default LayoutGroup components while animating the new AnimatableLayoutElement.

Slide-in animations

Animations where the object is laid-out at "final" dimensions, and is then unmasked, are possible if you use the new AnimatableLayout components and disable their active field while animating.