Unity Play Fab Angry Bots

by PlayFab

Unity AngryBots Demo integrated with PlayFab Services in C#

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Unity Playfab demo using AngryBots

5 easy steps to start using this demo :

  • Create a new project.
  • Download the Assets folder and copy the content in your own project Assets folder (for example, the Assets/AngryBots from the Assets folder should be in Assets/AngryBots in your project - Assets/Assets/AngryBots will not be processed correctly).
  • Put the Playfab demo scenes in the Build settings from the folder PlayFabAngryBots/Scenes.
  • Press play.
  • Have fun modifying the scripts and prefabs.

Download the assets.

You can either make a git pull from this repo or download the zip file from github using this link

Put the scenes in the Build setting.

Open your File->Build Settings and Drag&Drop the scenes found in your project Assets/PlayFabAngryBots/Scenes into your Build Settings window.

Configuring Playfab and playing arround.

In the top menu you can have access to the Playfab config panel and a shortcut to your Playfab developer panel.

  • Change the TitleId for your own TitleId in the Config panel if you like to create your own items or change the loaded content from the developer dashboard on developer.playfab.com.
  • You can add prefabs directly from the same panel to your current scene.
  • If you like to play a scene in Game mode and use Playfab services without having to login or register check the Keep session key and save the configuration after you have logged in. Your session key should be shown in red before you click save.

You can edit the Playfab prefabs directly from your project in Assets/Playfab/Prefabs

In example, here's some of the value that you can change from the Register prefab.