Unity3d Tetris

by clauxz

This is a Tetris Game built using Unity3D engine, this is used for an experiment in Tohoku University. The Aim of the experiment is to compare brain activities when people are in normal state and panic state. By using Tetris Game we are able to control the speed of the game and measure users brain activities during gamplay To play a tutorial demo go to

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V1.5 Tutorial scene change from constant to dynamic manual Added Web version Added Mac Version Fix Registration Page Japanese Fix

v1.4 Font redesign English using Segoe UI Light and Japanese using Meiryo English/Japanese language toggle Function Japanese language version Change BMfont to psd to increase quality of font Added Web version Added Mac Version Change Main Game UI to Metro Style


increase speed of animation clear dual line simutaneous cleared increase smoothness of game Fix Scoreboard Mechanics

V1.2 Fix back button not working issue Improved animation of Animation added when line cleared Added Metro Design to Menu Fix bug for line not cleared when full Fix Dynamic , Dynamic Manual and Manual consistency

V1.1 Fix block go over the wall fix bug for controls Fix bug for line not cleared when full fixed missing 7th block Reduced Speed of Game WASD button space key to drop shift key to change block Result saved fix

v1.0 Block malformed fix Fix Unity3D error

Rebuild All Scene Update With NGUI for title