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by ricardojmendez

Tutorials files for LibNoise.Unity

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Examples for LibNoise.Unity

This tutorial repository aims to follow the original LibNoise tutorials, which you can find here at SourceForge.

The main repository for LibNoise.Unity is currently maintained by Ricardo J. Méndez. Pull requests are welcome.

A word on methodology

Since these are tutorial examples, I expect I’ll just run development straight off master. The LibNoise.Unity repository does follow git flow, so expect this tutorial repository will be a work-in-progress and might at any given point reference a LibNoise development branch.

Checking out the repository

It includes the LibNoise.Unity Github repository as a submodule. If you have just cloned the project and find missing behaviors, make sure that:

  • You actually have some files inside the Assets/LibNoise folder;
  • You have run git submodule update to check out the latest referenced version;

Or you could use an application like SourceTree which handles the submodule semantics for you.


LibNoise.Unity is released under the LGPL license. See COPYING.txt and COPYING.LESSER.txt for details.