Unity3d Events Manager

by xuzhiping7

simple unity3d event manager

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simple unity3d events manager

how to use ?

1.Add the scripts(EventsMgr.cs) into your Unity3D-Assets-Path

2.Register your event as enum ,every enum value is an event , such as :

public enum eEventsKey {




3.Init Events System before u use it


4.Attach your method to the event key:

EventsMgr.GetInstance().AttachEvent(eEventsKey.ControlSystem_RabbitJump, RabbitJump);

5.Trigger the event where u want , and u can add u param to the event , such as:

EventsMgr.GetInstance().TriigerEvent(eEventsKey.ControlSystem_RabbitJump, 10.0f);

6.Detach the event from method ,if u don't want it:

EventsMgr.GetInstance().DetachEvent(eEventsKey.ControlSystem_RabbitJump, RabbitJump);

Any question see "testEvent.cs" before , this is a demo.

That's all ,

A Simple Events-Manager,

Have Fun.

By xuzhiping