Aws Sdk Unity Samples

by awslabs

This repository has samples that demonstrate various aspects of the AWS Mobile SDK for Unity, you can get the SDK source on Github (

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AWS Mobile SDK for Unity Samples

Cognito Sync Sample

This sample snippet demonstrates how to securely manage and sync your game data and create unique identities via login providers.

Cognito Sync Unity Project

This sample Unity project shows how to save game data to the cloud and access it accross devices using Cognito Sync.

DynamoDB Sample

This sample demonstrates how to create / update / delete / query items using DynamoDB Object Mapper.

S3 Sample

The S3 sample demonstrates the following:

  • List all buckets in the AWS account
  • List all objects in the specified bucket
  • Upload an object into the specified bucket
  • Download an object from the specified bucket

Mobile Analytics Sample

The Mobile Analytics sample demonstrates the following:

  • How to integrate Mobile Analytics client with your app
  • Create and use custom event
  • Create and use monetization event
  • Record and send events to server