Unity Ygm

by evangelism

Unity game workshop for Young Game Makers, developed by @jasonrwalters, with some modifications by @shwars (of Microsoft Russia @evangelism). This modified version features more simple game operation (w/out initial menu), but will eventually support cardboard VR via ALPSVR

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Unity game workshop for Young Game Makers - Microsoft Russia Flavour. Example game is a 3D endless shooter. Screenshot

  • Please read all sections of this guide.
  • Questions: refer to the original author, @jasonrwalters, or you can also contact @shwars
  • Code is commented - please read to understand what's happening. :)


Unity Resources

Game Design Resources


  • Run FinishedProject for the complete version and press play in the Unity editor.
  • Run OneSceneProject for the example of the main gameplay without menu (this is useful as peparation step for VR project)


  • Use the arrow keys or wasd to control the player ship.
  • Joysticks will also work.
  • Spacebar to start and fire weapons.
  • Esc to go back/exit (in full mode).