Unity Behaviour Tree

by GrymmyD

A simple behaviour tree implementation for Unity

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A simple behaviour tree implementation for Unity.

Example usage:

Node behaviourTree;
Context behaviourState = new Context();

void Start() {
    behaviourTree = CreateBehaviourTree();
    behaviourState = new Context();  // optionally add things you might need access to in your leaf nodes

void FixedUpdate() {

Node CreateBehaviourTree()
    Sequence separate = new Sequence("separate",
        new TooCloseToEnemy(0.2f),
        new SetRandomDestination(),
        new Move());

    Sequence moveTowardsEnemy = new Sequence("moveTowardsEnemy",
        new HasEnemy(),
        new SetMoveTargetToEnemy(),
        new Inverter(new CanAttackEnemy()),
        new Inverter(new Succeeder(new Move())));

    Sequence attackEnemy = new Sequence("attackEnemy",
        new HasEnemy(),
        new CanAttackEnemy(),
        new StopMoving(),
        new AttackEnemy());

    Sequence needHeal = new Sequence("needHeal",
        new Inverter(new AmIHurt(15)),
        new AmIHurt(35),
        new FindClosestHeal(30),
        new Move());

    Selector chooseEnemy = new Selector("chooseEnemy",
        new TargetNemesis(),
        new TargetClosestEnemy(30));

    Sequence collectPowerup = new Sequence("collectPowerup",
        new FindClosestPowerup(50),
        new Move());

    Selector fightOrFlight = new Selector("fightOrFlight",
        new Inverter(new Succeeder(chooseEnemy)),

    Repeater repeater = new Repeater(fightOrFlight);

    return repeater;

NOTE: The leaf nodes provided are tied to my specific implementation and you'll need to customize them to suit your own needs - but this should be rather trivial.