Unity Gi

by brianasu

simple gi library for unity

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Light bleeding library for Unity

Simple light bleeding library for unity 4.5+ that simulates global illumination. Works on mac and dx9+ windows.


4 shaders are included in this package

  • Diffuse + Normal
  • Transparent + Normal
  • Transparent Cutout + Normal
  • Additive Particle


  1. Drop simple voxelisaion/Prefabs/Light Bleeding.prefab into your scene
  2. Set volume bounds to surround your scene
  3. Adjust setting.
    • Voxel Size controls the resolution of the voxelized scene
    • Propogation steps controls the blur amount
    • Flux Res gives the size of the render texture used for generating depth/normals/flux
    • Color strength = 1 - strength of the global illumination


This library only does simple colour bleeding using a spatial blur. SPH are not implemented.