Unity Event Aggregator

by EricFreeman

Simple event aggregation for Unity3D.

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Unity3D Event Aggregator

Event aggregation in Unity3D made easy! Decouple your GameObjects for simpler and cleaner code.

Why Should I Care?

Look at how gross this is. Disgusting, huh? Now what if there was an easy way to send messages to other game objects in Unity3D without coupling everything to hell or using skittles magic?

That way is here.

Just drop the .dll into your existing Unity3D project and get started. Messages must be a class.

To start listening to events, your MonoBehaviour must also inherit from IListener<(message)>. This will create the handler for the message.

Make sure you register and unregister with the EventAggregator in your MonoBehaviour's Start and OnDestroy methods. I'll probably create a base class to inherit from that will do this automatically for you...when I'm feeling less lazy.