Screen Shooter

by PhannGor

Screen Shooter is a simple tool for creating screenshots at any resolution within the Unity Editor.

( Updated 17 minutes ago )

ScreenShooter for Unity3d

ScreenShooter allows you to take multiple screenshots at different resolutions with just one click, right from the Unity editor.

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  • Take multiple screenshots at multiple resolutions with a single click
  • Quickly create good high quality screenshots or wallpapers
  • Easily create all required screenshots for App Store or Google Play (presets included)
  • Add or remove resolutions with ease and save them for later use.
  • Take screenshots using any available camera

Screenshot of screenshooter

Please note: There is currently a known bug within Unity itself preventing "Screen space - Overlay" UI items from being captured. Once Unity's Developers fix this bug UI elements should be captured correctly. As a workaround you can switch canvas render mode to "Screen Space - Camera" and set canvas plane distance close to camera near clipping plane.

Asset Store

ScreenShooter is donationware. If you want to support future development or just say "thanks" to autor, please buy it on the Asset Store. Reviews are also highly appreciated.