Unity Json Helper

by Bekwnn

A simple utility class to help you use Unity 5.3's JsonUtility better.

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JsonHelper is a small, simple utility class designed to allow you to grab a json object (or objects) that match the provided key. The reason for this class, is that you probably want to have json files with several objects worth of data, but JsonUtility doesn't provide any way of handling that.

Some example use:


  "pyroKid": {
    "attack": {
      "damage": 50,
      "reload": 1.8
    "defense": {
      "health": 120,
      "regen": 5
  "iceKid": {
    "attack": {
      "damage": 20,
      "reload": 0.6
    "defense": {
      "health": 170,
      "regen": 8


using UnityEngine;
using System;
using System.IO;

// look up JsonUtility in the Unity api if this bit confuses you
public class AttackInfo
  public float damage;
  public float reload;

// . . .

public void SomeGameFunction()
  // gets the pyro kid json string
  string pyroKidJson = JsonHelper.GetJsonObject(File.ReadAllText(jsonFilePath), "pyroKid");

  // gets pyro kid's attack component
  string pyroAttackJson = JsonHelper.GetJsonObject(pyroKidJson, "attack");

  // and then we get our attack component as an object!
  AttackInfo info = JsonUtility.FromJson<AttackInfo>(pryoAttackJson);
  // doing things piece-wise like this is kinda like navigating through the json file
  // I may add a better way of doing this in the future, ex GetJsonObjectFromPath(jsonStr, "pyroKid/attack")

  //alternatively, if we want all the attack components
  List<AttackInfo> attackInfos = new List<AttackInfo>();

  //gets array of json string objects
  string[] allAttackJsons = JsonHelper.GetJsonObjects(File.ReadAllText(jsonFilePath), "attack");

  foreach (string jsonObj in allAttackJsons)
  // and now we have a list of all attack components in the json file!
  // Not very useful in this hypothetical example,
  // but useful in other situations like loading save data