Dialog System Unity3d

by NovaSurfer

Simple and flexible dialog system for Unity3d

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Unity3d Dialog System

Simple and flexible dialog system for Unity3d


  • Easy to use
  • Write the dialogues in your favorite text editor
  • Tags


  • Add more tags
  • Change the size of the slider, based on the amount of text

How to use:

1) Create text file with dialog

First dialog file

Hi I'am Alex.
Hi I'am Tom. #->testText1

Second dialog file

How are you Tom?
Awesome possum! #->testText
All is bad... #->/end/

First line = main window text
Other lines = answer text
After #-> = next dialog file
\end\ after #-> = end of the dialog, clearing all answers and main window text

2) Create folder "Resources" and place your dialogs here
3) Create UI elements like: main dialog panel, prefabs with answer button
4) Add Canvas to "Canvas" tag, add answer prefab to "Answer" tag
5) Attach FileReader script to the Canvas
6) Fill in all required fields with variables
7) Attach nextDilog script to the answerButton prefab
Canvas Answer