Unity Starter

by VictorOda

A simple starter template for Unity that helps the developer to implement important functionalities for a mobile game.

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A simple starter template for Unity. It helps the developer to implement the following functionalities:

  • UnityAds
  • AdMob
  • Facebook
  • Localization
  • IAP
  • Game Center and Google Play (TODO)
  • Basic gameplay cicle with menus and settings (TODO)

AdMob - You might need to update/install libraries on your SDK Manager in order to remove some warnings. Make sure you have installed the "Google Repository", "Android Support Library" and "Local Maven repository for Support Libraries" on Extras.

Localization - I use the SmartLocalization unity package(https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/7543). There is a great tutorial for it here: http://www.janetech.co/blog/2014/9/16/getting-started-with-smart-localization-2x. Thanks to janeTech: http://www.janetech.co/.