Sample Loyalty App Unity

by PerkDotCom

Sample app for Unity

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This sample application demonstrates the core functionality of the Appsaholic Rewards SDK for Unity (iOS and Android). The Appsaholic Rewards SDK for Unity has been integrated in this sample application and the basic introductory function calls have been represented by example Button click events.


This Sample Application has been created to jumpstart developers who are planning to integrate the Appsaholic Rewards SDK into their Unity application. Developers can observe how the publicly available API calls and useful callbacks options interact with an application.


The example app uses testing API_KEY and a testingEVENT_ID. You should register an account and obtain your own values for these also. For more information on obtaining an API_KEY, please visit the Appsaholic Documentation.

As you can see in the Assets portion of the project, no code is required to begin the initialization. Purely assigning a PerkBehavior to a GameObject will begin the Appsaholic initialization.

This is a fully functional stand alone sample project, so you just need to clone the repository. Simply create an empty directory and then clone this repository as follows:

This sample application was built with and intended for use with Unity 5.0+.

API Reference

Full documentation for the Appsaholic Rewards SDK for Unity (Android and iOS) can be found in the comprehensive Appsaholic Documentation.


For comments or suggestions, please email us or use the Intercom chat interface found in the lower-right corner at