Simple Pong

by hung7790

Pong using Unity C#

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This is a simple Pong Game done as a request of sample code for recruitment. The requirements is specified below:

The Game:

  • Can be 2d or 3d
  • Table design / element ( the classic black and white is fine )
  • For the score , use sprite sheet
  • ball should speed up as time pass during an exchange, and reset to default when one the point is made.

Use unity uGUI for below

  • Usual Start button to start playing
  • Basic Pause menu during play (which allow you to return to Start screen, Resume or Restart the current party from 0 ), use P on keyboard to actually pop it.
  • GameOver and Game Win screen (text pop up)

  • Sound when ball hit , when player loose a point or win a point , and of course win the match or loose the match.