Alps Vr

by Foxman13

Unity framework for mobile VR apps

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NOTE: My fork is up-to-date with Unity 5 support and works fully with Unity Personal Edition

Unity framework for mobile virtual reality apps

The aim of the ALPS VR project is to create a lightweight Unity framework to help developers publish virtual reality apps for every mobile based viewers. Framework features include: Side-by-side rendering Barrel distortion Chromatic aberration correction Responsive head-tracking Head gesture navigation system Built-in configurations for supported devices

Official website


Download the Unity package and import it into your Unity project.

Drag and drop the ALPSCamera prefab (ALPS/Prefabs/ALPSCamera.prefab) into your scene.

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  • Unity 4.5 Pro or higher (untested on previous versions)
  • To deploy on Android:
    • Unity Pro for Android
    • Android SDK 3.2 or higher
  • To deploy to Windows Phone 8.1
    • Unity Pro
    • Visual Studio 2013 Update 4 or higher with the Windows SDK