Circle Lands

by KDet

Unity: game created using only UI-items

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Unity: Game created using only UI-items.

The player moves around the circle land and should avoid obstacles. He gets a flag for each passed round. Flags - the currency for which you can buy new avatars and lands. There is an opportunity to return to the game after a loss or gain additional flags by watching аn advertisement.

Code sample

To achieve MVVM pattern in the game were used Unity events. For example:

Code snippet

[Serializable] public class DistanceChanged : UnityEvent<int> { }
[SerializeField] private DistanceChanged _onDistanceChanged = new DistanceChanged();
public int Distanse
    get { return _distanse; }
        _distanse = value;
        OnValueChanged(ref _distanse, _onDistanceChanged);


Screen Shot


Main menu


  • Choose the player from the list available
  • Choose the land from the list available
  • Configure language / sound
  • Go to “How to play” page
  • Go to “Shop” page
  • Start game (go to gameplay page)
  • Exit

Screen Shot Screen Shot Screen Shot

“How to play” page

Screen Shot Screen Shot

“Shop” page

Tab of Characters and Tab of Lands

Screen Shot Screen Shot


  • Blocks Land

Screen Shot

  • Spikes land

Screen Shot

  • WheelsLand

Screen Shot

Game Over

Screen Shot

  • Extra flags button pressed

Screen Shot (screenshot from editor)

85 flags changed to 95

Screen Shot

  • Share to facebook button pressed

Screen Shot

Facebook page screenshot

Screen Shot


Screen Shot

Copyright/Attribution Notice:

CircleLands game is free material under the Creative Commons license (CC-BY-SA attribution, share alike)