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Collect feedback in-game with STOMT for Unity3D.

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STOMT unity feedback integration

This Widget allows the easy integration of the feedback solution in your Unity apps and games. Of course you can find the STOMT feedback widget for Unity3D in the Unity Asset Store.


  1. Register as normal user on
  2. Create a target page on STOMT.
  3. Go to Settings > My Apps and create an application.
  4. Download this repository and or get it from the AssetStore and copy the assets into your project.
  5. Add the StomtPopup prefab to your main UI canvas.
  6. Enter all necessary data into the StomtAPI component on the prefab.
    6.1 Enter the Rest Server Url: (Or use our Sandbox for testing - See below)
    6.2 Enter the AppId you obtained in the third step
    6.3 Enter your page username (as Target Id) (you find it in your profile-url. E.g. => stomt)
  7. Finished! Regularly communicate your page on social channels and checkout our Website-Widget for your websites to collect feedback from anywhere.

Configure STOMT Unity plugin


The Widget can be enabled by using a toggle key or calling the API Methods.

StomtPopup Class

  • Enable: ShowWidget()
  • Disable: HideWidget()

Use our Sandbox!

If you want to test the integration please feel free to do what you want on

Common Issues

  • Error (401) Unauthorized: Is your application ID right? and use different ID's.
  • Error (500) Internal Server Error: [Report] ( us the problem.
  • Target Name doesn't fit: you can easily adjust the width.

Adjust target bubble

  • Stomts are not sent out on Android: change the API Compatibility Level from .NET 2.0 Subset to .NET 2.0 in the Player Settings.


We would love to see you contributing to this project. Feel free to fork it and send in your pull requests! Visit the project on STOMT to support with your ideas, wishes and feedback.


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Patrick Mours | Follow Patrick Mours on STOMT

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