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layout: post title: "Milestone 2: Physics Simulation"

date: 2015-10-16 20:56:19

Milestone 2: Physics Simulation

Zizheng Wu || [email protected] || http://www.prism.gatech.edu/~zwu307/cs-6457/


My project meets with all the requirements.

Five unique actors

The above is an overview of my scene. In this image, I have included Character, Bonfire, House, and the Amusement park.

This is the amusement park. The Boxes can also be interated with.

Two compound objects consisting of joints

The door is created with Hinge Joint.

The lantern is created with Hinge Joint as well.

Variable height terrain

Apparantly, my amusement park is abundant with variable heights.

At least three material sounds

The running sounds will differ while you are on the ground or the obstacles. Besides, there is collision sound when you run into the boxes, sound of the rain, and sound of the bonfire.

Game feel

The bonfire can be lit by pressing E when you are around it.


  • Standard Assets


I grabbed the ground obstacles, third person camera control, and the animation controller.



The House model of my scene.

  • Woods! Forest Skybox Pack Vol.I


The skybox of my scene.

  • Rain Maker Weather System


The implementation of Rain of my scene.

  • Campfire


The model of Bonfire of my scene. The script to light it is written by myself.

Install instructions


Steps to experience my game

Controls Actions
mouse camera only
wsad move
spacebar jump

Try opening the door.

Listen to the sound of running on different surfaces.

Press E to light the bonfire.

Bump into the Box. There will a sound of collision.

Known bugs

The display of light bonfire menu relies on OnCollisionStay. It is not a perfect solve.

Besides, it might need more than one press to light the bonfire. I am looking into it.


Click this link to play. Link to this markdown.