Sprite Maker

by KPDwyer

Tool for making sprites in Unity

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Sprite Maker

Chest Image

SpriteMaker is a Unity add-on for quickly making basic UI or prototype art in unity. I’m making SpriteMaker because when I do game jams or quick mock ups, I often think something like this:

I need 64x64 rounded Rect for this panel...

A small half circle would be great here...

SpriteMaker aims to reduce the friction of cracking open a graphics program (or bugging an artist) to create quick assets like this. I’m developing it in the open because I don’t really have the time to deal with putting it on the asset store and provide support, but I think people might get some use out of it (or create cool Draw Commands!).

The add-on is still under development, much of the feature set is still TBA.




By Defining shapes relative to the canvas, you can rescale the canvas at will to export a set of draw commands at a variety of sizes. Skull 64x64 Skull 1024x1024

SpriteMaker isn't meant to make fullscale art assets, but I like to push what I can do with it Man

SpriteMaker can be used to make Noise maps right in the editor (more noise coming soon). Noise can also be a neat effect for static textures. Perlin Perlin Two