Unity Terrainfromtiff

by fenwick67

create unity terrain from a geotiff from opentopography.org

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Unity Terrain From TIFF

Get files from opentopography.org or elsewhere and convert them to RAW files for Unity to use for terrain heightmaps

image of terrain


You'll need node and npm and git

>git clone github.com/fenwick67/unityterrainfromtiff.git
>cd unityterrainfromtiff
>npm install
>node convert.js inputfile.tiff outputfile.raw

Might register in NPM if anybody wants it.


If your file is under 4097x4097 and isn't exactly (2^n)+1 px wide and high, Unity will produce artifacts at the edges of your terrain. This is because Unity internally uses heightmaps that are (2^n)+1 square.

The image will get cropped to 4097x4097 (from the top left) if it's bigger than that. This is the biggest that Unity supports.