Easy Screenshot Unity3d

by vitorfgd

easy in-game screenshot script

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Mobile ScreenShot - Unity Script

This script will make it easier to export screenshots for AppStore and PlayStore.

How to use?

  • Attach this script to your main camera.
  • Select the checkboxes that fits better for your needs. (Screenshot on AppStore format (it'll export on each size needed), Portrait or not, Android screenshot (you'll have to say what size do you want), Portrait or not, enlarge (default is pretty large), your screenshot key, etc.).
  • Run your game on editor and press your screenshot key.
  • The script will save the pictures on a new folder "screenshots" on your project root.

My image


  1. Fork the repository on Github;
  2. Clone the project into your machine;
  3. Commit your changes to your own branch;
  4. Push your work to your fork;
  5. Submit a pull request for review;


This project is under Apache 2.0 license.