Unity Sdk

by 3Glasses

This is the Unity SDK for 3Glasses Devices, this repository is Unity3D project

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How to Use

Select 3Glasses>EnableHeadDisplay from the main menu.


Make sure the EnableHeadDisplay is selected in the 3Glasses drop-down box.

Now the Three3GlassesManager script is bind in your main camera, and there are some Properties can control the HeadDisplay's behavior.


Option: Discription
Clone Target Camera The VR camera will clone the parameters of the specified camera (mandatory, not empty)
Bind Target Camera Bind the rotation and displacement of the camera to the main camera ( don't check to bind the rotation and displacement to the current GameObject)
FreezePosition freeze the headdisplay's position
FreezeRotation freeze the headdisplay's rotation
Hmd Anti Aliasing Level RenderTexture's Anti Aliasing Level
Eye Distance The distance between the left and right camera in the HeadDisplay.
Layer Mask Includes or omits layers of objects to be rendered by the HeadDisplay device
Enable JoyPad Enable the 3Glasses Wand

Get HMD Info

  • Get HMD's position and rotation
  using ThreeGlasses;


  Vector3 pos = TGInput.GetPosition(InputType.HMD);
  Quaternion rotate = TGInput.GetRotation(InputType.HMD);
  • Get HMD's button, touchpad, proximity sensor info
  // if the HMD's Menu Button is pressed
  TGInput.GetKey(InputType.HMD, InputKey.HmdMenu);

  // get touchpad info,rang is [-1.0~1.0]
  Vector2 v = TGInput.GetHMDTouchPad();

  // get proximity sensor state, where wearing HMD return true
  bool present = ThreeGlassesManager.GetHMDPresent();

Get Wand Input

There are two ways to get wand's info:


The InputExtendMethods class definit some methods for get the wand's info. you can get the info like this:

  using ThreeGlasses;


  // get the back key status (down is true)
  TGInput.GetKey(InputType.LeftWand, InputKey.WandBack);

  // get the stick's info,Both the X axis and the Y axis are limited to between -1 and 1.
  Vector2 v = TGInput.GetStick(InputType.LeftWand);

Bind Script

Bind the ThreeGlassesWandBind.cs on your wand object.


Option Description
Type wand's type
Send To Children send wand's info to all children
Update Self update the position and rotation
Move Scale scale wand's position
Update Type update local or world

The children of the object who bind the ThreeGlassesWandBind.cs can implement OnWandChange for get the wand's info.

  void OnWandChange(ThreeGlassesWand.Wand pack)
      // do somethng
      // pack.position or rotation
      // pack.GetKey(InputKey.xxx);

Quality Settings


Player Setting



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