Sound Manager Unity3d

by vitorfgd

( Crawled 15 hours ago )


This is a simple script to manage one shot sounds in unity.

How To?

  • Attach this script to any GameObject (MainCamera, EmptyGameObject, etc.);
  • Put your sounds in the script inspector within Unity3D;
  • Add an audio source to any GameObject (strongly recommended to add to the same GameObject as the sound manager script);
  • When you need to call the one shot sound simply add: Sounds.PlaySound (SoundsGame.sound1) in any script (i.e.: EnemyHit) changing "sound1" to desired;



  1. Fork the repository on Github;
  2. Clone the project into your machine;
  3. Commit your changes to your own branch;
  4. Push your work to your fork;
  5. Submit a pull request for review;


This project is under Apache 2.0 license.