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Artificial intelligence for Unity applications utilizing multi-criteria optimized context steering

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Polarith AI

Polarith AI is a comprehensive system for creating autonomously moving characters for your game or simulation. Being the result of years of research, AI experience and intense development, it uses new context steering algorithms to overcome the issues and difficulties classic steering approaches suffer from.

This repository belongs to the official Unity plugin. It contains additional content you will find useful if you want to write your own behaviours. So if you want to extent the plugin to your needs, have a closer look at the source code we publish here and learn how easy behaviours can be implemented using the incredibly flexible context steering approach.

All sources require Unity and the plugin Polarith AI in order to work properly.


The source code which is published within this repository is completely free for every kind of development use under the condition that you need to use it together with Polarith AI and own a copy of the Unity plugin. You are not allowed to resell any parts of Polarith AI.

Issue Tracker

Besides giving you the chance to look what happens under the hood of our technology, the issue tracker of this repository offers you the possibility to request features and to track bugs. With its help, you are able to retrace our development progress.