Perf Assist Tools

by PerfAssist

An enhanced fork of Unity memoryprofiler ( with diff and searching supported

( Updated 3 hours ago )


An enhanced fork of memoryprofiler with diff and searching supported.

Additional features (with all original memoryprofiler functionalities included)

  • Snapshot-Diff
    • Multiple snapshots comparison


  • Text Searching
    • full text searching among all memory objects
    • results are grouped by type


  • Alloc Tracking
    • The source-code allocation point backtracking of a given memory block


  • Minimum Sample
    • Contains a sample project (a simulation scene with minimum and recommended usage)



  • :paperclip: v1.1.1 released [2016-11-25]
    • merged back several fixes
      • resources moved into editor specific folder (4fdf39feabbfeb7a0c10158f31e575ca71f6670c)
      • fix the selection in search result list (5017afe200c12bb5bef65f1f6b5c967800f8d483)
  • :star: v1.1.0 released [2016-11-25]
    • :triangular_flag_on_post: add memory object browser (two-lists table view)
      • :small_orange_diamond: add realtime text searching for mem-object browser (7134431409c0f962dd4e07de94c71af6df15bc4f)
      • :small_orange_diamond: add navigation buttons (back & forward) (754d4a3f57abac015db65c4effe350d2188772c1)
      • :small_orange_diamond: add loading progress indicators (2ee1ec5f8b35d828a20c53d1bf958a380bb2f292)