by zuunduun

A bunch of C# scripts to do stuff with sound (FFT) inside Unity engine

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Mira is a package of C# scripts made to manipulate 3D objects, textures, lights, etc, with sound (FFT) inside Unity engine.

Getting started

  • 1 : Create an empty GameObject and call it "Mira".
  • 2 : Drag the script called "MiraFFT" into "Mira" GameObject (as well as an AudioSource if you want to use a static audio file or a microphone as FFT source).
  • 3 : Choose the FFT source (audio file, microphone (audio in) or MiraSprayer (OSC)).
  • 4 : You can know use Mira scripts by dragging them into GameObjects.


Tested with Unity > 5.x

Known issues

Unity built-in FFT analysis doesn't work well with the mic input (as you have to create an AudioSource then destroy it after a while in order to avoid performance drop, which leads to "gaps" in the FFT stream). You'd better use OSC input in combination with MiraSprayer app for realtime audio FFT analysis.