Unity Ease Function

by Clpsplug

Ease functions

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Unity Ease Function

Ease functions I used for other Unity projects because Unity doesn't seem to have any.
Will be adding more functions.


  • Good for faking physical movement
  • Can be used to create counter
  • Configurable Monomial Shaping Ease Function
  • Overshoot / Undershoot controlling


    private int frame;
    void Start () {
        frame ++;

    void FixedUpdate () {

        // Moves this object in an interesting way!
        this.transform.position = new Vector3(EaseFunctions.EaseIn(0, 100, 3, frame, 180, false, false), 0, 0);

        // Creates frame counter!
        Text textComponent = this.gameObject.GetComponent<Text>();
        textComponent.text = Math.Floor(EaseFunctions.Linear(0, 1, frame, 1, true, false)).ToString();

Functions Currently Available

  • Linear
  • EaseIn
  • EaseOut
    • Can set its rate freely

I think I found a bug

Please create new issue, thanks!


Just put the EaseFunctions.cs into Assets folder and it should work!


MIT License