Line Game

by MagnusPoppe

Game created with unity to learn the Unity Engine

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Line Game

An easy game where the player is presented with a cluster of circles with lines attached to them. The lines always stretch from one circle to another. The goal of the game is to place the circles so that no lines are crossing eachother.

On a given game you always start at level 1. You then level up each time you make sure all lines are clear from eachother. The leveling system is supposed to be automated so that there can be unlimited levels to play. The only way to lose the game is if the timer runs out. More ways to lose is being researched.

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The testing library used for this project is "NUnit". There are currently only tests for the logic-only classes. In the future i will be separating the logic from the graphics even more, just because its best practice. The package is found under: