Serious Games

by bsc-william-taylor

Coursework submission for the Serious Games module.

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Serious Games Coursework

The serious games coursework was a chance for students to research and develop a 'Serious Game' that aims to teach a core subject to its player in an engaging way which is more enjoyable and memorable. A game that teaches basic fire training was developed and considerable research was done into the current state of fire training today. The game was built with the Unity engine and the source code for the game, the report and a runnable version is all in this repository.


The assignment as mentioned before was to develop a game that should then be submitted as an executable which can be run on a standard Windows machine. My group decided that we should teach basic fire training skills as all of us have horrible boring memories or the mandatory fire training awareness videos which must people don’t even remember. Crucial to the assignment was that the game should validate knowledge using an inhouse online learning system. Research undertaken was also meant to be submitted as a professional form of research.


A full report setting out the research done with valid referencing and figuring was submitted as was a runnable executable for the game as required. We also tested knowledge retention by performing face to face surveys to validate the program and using the inhouse assessment engine that was mentioned before. Items such as the custom server and website which generates the PDF certification were also submitted alongside the main requirements which you can find inside the Web folder in the repository.


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