Space W

by zameran

Procedural space simulator.

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SpaceW - Procedural Universe [Planetarium]

SpaceW is procedural universe generator - simulator.

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  • Strong language. So you don't give me crap about it.
  • Strange code. This is like a nuclear test site.
  • Black dirty magic. Like in 15th century, yay.
  • That's a project of life.
  • Under active development forever.
  • Take it easy...

Current Engine version support

  • Unity 5.6.1f1 (Windows)
  • Unity 5.6.0b3 (Linux)

Current OS/API support

  • Windows/Linux/Ubuntu/Mac
  • DirectX 11 [Shader Model 5.0]
  • OpenGL 4.3 and higher [Experimental and early WIP]


  • RTFM and JRTI.
  • Clone the repository.
  • Open project in Unity.
  • Open the 'Scene' scene.
  • Profit!

Contribution guidelines

  • Fork the repository.
  • Make your changes in separate branch [Git Flow].
  • Create a pull request.

Core guidelines

  • Currently there are a lot of trash, but something is marked as [Obsolete] or / //Commented /
  • All core features and API's are well documented.


  • Assets -> Reimport All.
  • Asset -> Reimport.
  • Asset -> Refresh.
  • Build Settings -> Switch Platform.


  • The 3-Clause BSD License [Mixed-license scheme].


  • Some shader code was ported to Unity from Space Engine and Proland.
  • Some stuff may not work or very experimental.
  • Some small artifacts are normal due to engine version migrations and unexistance of testers.
  • Sphecial thanks goes to @dotBunny and @JetBrains for a special support IDE's plugins!
  • New builds will be available via Unity Cloud Build in special channel inside the discord.