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by robertoardila

Extension for the existing Unity memory profiler project

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Unity Support Colombia: Memory Profiler Extension

Extension for the existing Unity memory profiler project, this is a WIP project made by the Unity Support Team in Colombia, which uses as a base the Memory Profiler project found in and uses the new memory profiler API introduced in Unity5.3a4, adding filters and search options with a node viewer for the objects and their references.

  • Requires Unity 5.6 or newer in order to use the filters and table views
  • For checking the Heap Memory info and export objects list data (ordered by size) to a .txt file you could use any version of Unity that supports the API: (5.3,5.4,5.5,5.6,2017)
  • Requires a IL2CPP build
  • It uses the same snapshots taken with the Memory Profiler project from bitbucket (You can use as an example memory snapshot which is included in the repository)
  • It's recommended to read snapshots taken from the same Unity version (for example analyse 5.6 snapshots using 5.6 editor,etc)

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