02 Go Home

by VirtualRealityDesigner

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"Go Home" Game Introduction

  • You'll be learning basic C# in this section
  • We'll be focusing on vector manipulation
  • Vectors are used a lot in VR development
  • You'll have a fun little game at the end.

Game Design Document

  • Create a rough plan.
  • Define the user’s “problem”.
  • Brainstorm concept, rules & requirements.
  • Document possible future ideas.

Scripts in Unity

  • Introduction to the Unity Editor.
  • Where to find the Console.
  • Editing scenes in Unity.
  • What is a C# script.
  • Creating C# scripts in Unity.

Writing to the Console

  • Attaching scripts to GameObjects.
  • Anatomy of program lines.
  • How to write print statements.
  • Renaming scripts

Declaring and Assigning Variables

  • Planning software with pseudo code.
  • Defining and assigning variables.
  • Printing variables with text.
  • Introduction to types.

Math Operations on Variables

  • Adding and subtracting variables.
  • Using +, -, / and * operators on variables.
  • Mixing types in operations.
  • Printing text inline with numbers.

Booleans and if statements

  • Reviewing the types of variables.
  • How to use booleans and their operators.
  • Conditional execution with if statements.
  • Reacting to different conditions.

Recapping the Basics

  • Congratulations on the first quiz!
  • Reviewing what’s gone so far.
  • How to revise and consolidate.
  • Checking your code against GitHub.

Methods and User Input

  • What is a method or function.
  • Getting input from the keyboard.
  • Using the Update() method.
  • Learning to search the Unity documentation.

Vectors for Position and Movement

  • Understand what a vector is.
  • Adding/subtracting vectors.
  • Using vectors to calculate a path home.

Vectors, Classes and Objects

  • Understand Classes versus Objects.
  • Learn how to use the Vector2 type.
  • Finding the magnitude of a vector.

Declaring Your Own Classes

  • How to declare variables in a class.
  • How method declarations look.
  • Sharing variables between methods.
  • Editing variables in the inspector.

Updating Shared Variables

  • How variables can be overwritten.
  • Updating our vector position.
  • Recalculating our distance from home.

Recapping Objects, Classes and Methods

  • Yet another quiz down.
  • Reviewing objects, classes and methods.
  • How to revise and consolidate.
  • Ask questions in the Q&A and forums.

Don’t Repeat Yourself with Functions

  • Understand the DRY principle.
  • How to write our own methods/functions.
  • Calling methods.
  • Introduction to refactoring.

How to Speak Like a Programmer

  • Understanding the structure of programs.
  • Learning the programming jargon.
  • Statements vs Expressions.
  • Functions and execution flow.
  • The components of a class.

Debugging Small Programs

  • Rubber Duck Debugging.
  • Fix our first bug.
  • Introduce play testing.

Section 2 Wrap-Up

  • Congratulations on finishing your 1st section
  • You've build a foundation of coding skills
  • Please try varying a the game a little
  • Why not start the next section right-away?