Dungeon Crawler

by softdev3308

Our attempt at a dungeon crawler game.

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Our attempt at a dungeon crawler game.


  1. Joe Alsko, JAlsko
  2. Sky Johnson, nullmage
  3. Jacob Toomey, jcbtmy
  4. Jarrod Raine, codingsheep
  5. Stevan Maksimovic, stevmak


A game that uses a rhythm game like interaction as a pivotal part of the base game mechanic. This game will be a dungeon crawler-esk 2.5d isometric rouge-like hack and slash. Made in Unity.

Vision Statement

"To deliver smooth interactive gameplay mechanics, and a game I could show off playing." Motivation: We all want to make a game that we would want to play.


C# is fairly new to some people on the team. Large soft projects are also a new endevour for many of us. Art and assets might be hard to account for. And no experience working with eachother.


The more experienced people will take time to teach the less experienced people how to use C# and Unity. And frequent communication. We will focus on organization and delegate tasks in a reasonable and productive manner. Simple geometric models, and dedication to creating assests. Frequent communication.


  1. User story 1
    • As a player, I want to play a game with a rhythm game like mechanic, so that I can feel engaged to the game.
    • Priority: Critical
    • Story Points: 8
  2. User story 2
    • As a new player, I want a tutorial level, so that I can learn how to play the game.
    • Priority: Low
    • Story Points: 2
  3. User story 3
    • As a skilled player, I want a game that continosly provides a challenge, so that I can never get bored.
    • Priority: Medium
    • Story Points: 5
  4. User story 4
    • As a player or a watcher, I want an aesthetically interesting game, so that I can enjoy watching the game.
    • Priority: High
    • Story Points: 13
  5. User story 5
    • As a player, I want a intuitive and minimal user interface, so that interacting with non-core game mechanics isn't a negative experience.
    • Priority: Medium
    • Story Points: 3
  6. User story 6
    • As a player, I want fast-paced gameplay and movement, so that the game feels more engaging.
    • Priority: Critical
    • Story Points: 1


Iterfall, a mix of agile and waterfall. Focusing on sprintbased development cycles, with frequent meeting and testing. But with a set end goal.

Tracking Software

Github Issues and Milestones/Projects of the Organization

  1. Github Milestones
  2. Github Project Tracking

Project Plan



All of the code that we wrote is in /Assets/Scripts. Test cases are in the unit_testing branch. Auto-documenter documents are in /AutoDocs.

AutoDocs were made using Doxygen on c# Please use /AutoDocs/html/annotated.html to navigate the suite

To Play

Go to the folder labeled "Builds" and, depending on your OS, find the executable file to play the game!