Unity3d . Emoji Text

by xiaobin83

EmojiText in Unity3D

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  • Extends from UnityEngine.UI.Text
  • Has the same performance if no EmojiConfig attached.
  • Layout handled by UnityEngine.UI.Text, only replaces UVs of generated text mesh. Thus you can use RichText to change size and color of text. (Emoji sprite wont change color. I disabled it. And you also need to set sizeFactor in EmojiConfig to 1)
  • No sub GameObject needed (actually need one for attaching CanvasRenderer). Use CanvasRenderer to render emoji mesh.
  • Support hyperlink click event with markdown link syntax. [ClickMe](link_to_some_place)
  • Support pre-defined text by markdown predefined text syntax. `predefined text`. And predefined text replacements delegates to EmojiText.willInsertBackOnePredefinedString.
  • Support escape character by input \uxxxxx directly.
  • Generate your own EmojiConfig with different emojis by using AltasBaker in Emoji -> Atlas Baker (you can use altas baker for other stuff, it reports all UVs and names to AtlasBakerWizard.OnAtlasBaked)
  • Works in edit mode.


TwitterEmoji comes from Twemoji project. It licensed under CC-BY 4.0. And I copied from Unity-UI-emoji.

Idea and some part of code come from Unity-UI-emoji, I changed it to fit my implementation.


steam: 0x600d1dea