Unity Vr Apartment

by Mehequanna

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Project Name

Coming Soon


This project currently holds the building blocks for an apartment VR experience

screenshot of project


Unity, C#, Android Studio and Xcode (Used for deployment). Note: Google VR SDK was not used in this project.

Current Features

  • User will [enter a story].
  • User will [enter a story].
  • User will [enter a story].

Future Features


To Run On Your Device

  • On Mac, choose File -> Build Settings
  • In platform, choose the platform you have set up, either iOS or Android. Select "Switch Platform".
  • Choose "Build and Run" at the bottom right.

Known Issues

  • This project will need to be opened in Unity 5.5.1


Stephen Emery


This work can be used under the MIT License. Copyright (c) 2017 Stephen Emery