Unity Ref Checker

by haydenjameslee

A Unity3D plugin for checking unassigned references in MonoBehaviours at compile time, across scenes.

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Unassigned reference warnings at compile time, across scenes.

UnityRefChecker helps you avoid null references in MonoBehaviours by looking through all MonoBehaviour references in a scene and warning you in Unity's console if a reference has not been assigned.

Fields that cause a log:

  • Unassigned public MonoBehaviour fields that do not have [IgnoreRefChecker] or [HideInInspector]
  • Unassigned private MonoBehaviour fields that do not have [IgnoreRefChecker] and do have [SerializeField]


Here are some example logs:

Example logs

Getting Started

  1. Open your Unity project

  2. Clone this project into the Assets/ folder

  3. Add the [IgnoreRefChecker] attribute in front of any members that you wish to keep unassigned

  4. In Unity, go to Window -> UnityRefChecker to run commands and configure settings


  • Check All Build Scenes - Checks all MonoBehaviour references in all scenes listed in the Unity Build Settings

  • Check Open Scene - Checks all MonoBehaviour references in the currently active scene


  • IgnoreRefChecker - Add this attribute to fields that you wish to keep unassigned. UnityRefChecker will not warn you about these fields


Property Description Default Value
Check after compilation Runs the Check All Build Scenes command every time Unity finishes compiling false
Log type The severity of the log using Unity's LogType (Error, Log, Warning) Error
Colorful logs Adds color to the Unity console logs to highlight important info true


  • Make video tutorial showing the problem this solves
  • Include prefabs in checks
  • Add to Unity Asset Store


To test UnityRefChecker create a new Unity project, clone UnityRefChecker and set up a scene like this:

Test scene

Then open the UnityRefChecker Window and run commands. The RefCheckerTestComponent has the expected results as comments.