Unity Logger

by adammcelhaney

Replacement for the Debug.Log

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Simple replacement for the Debug.Log

Utility to send Debug log messages to console while in the editor, but hides in production.

If you need to show the debug messages outside of the editor, you can add a Scripting Define Symbols to the project. To set the global define from the application menu: EDIT > Project Settings > Player Then enter the define name of SHOW_DEBUG_MESSAGES in the "Scripting Define Symbols" field.

Example Usage
Logger.Log ("This is an error message", Logger.LOG_TYPE.Error);
Logger.Log ("This is a warning message", Logger.LOG_TYPE.Warning);
Logger.Log ("This is just some useful info", Logger.LOG_TYPE.Info);
Logger.Log ("This is a normal log message", Logger.LOG_TYPE.Log);
Logger.Log ("This is a regular log");
Console Output