Wave Collapse Function

by mtrebi

Unity project that uses Wave Collapse Function to procedurally generate

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Work in progress

Current status

Procedural Generation of Wang Tiles

Procedural Generation of Wang Tiles using a different texture

Procedural Generation using Block Tiles

Procedural Generation using Block Tiles with visual enchantment (transparent block size depends on entropy)

(First) Procedural Generation using 3D Block Tiles

More advanced Procedural Generation using 5x5x5 Block Tiles. Algorithm can use any arbitrary size and can automatically generate symmetric tiles and detect edges and constraints between different tiles.

Even more advanced Procedural Generation using arbitrary meshes. Algorithm can automatically calculate how the different meshes match based on its geometry.


  • Add more Tile Models to create varied buildings
  • Add more heuristics to better tune buildings
  • Add variations to Tile Models with small modifications to add realism
  • Modify algorithm to allow Tile Models to have different sizes
  • Add backtracking