Scene Shot Bookmarks

by derek-knox

Unity custom editor for bookmarking Scene View camera angles/settings

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Scene Shot Bookmarks

Unity custom editor for bookmarking and resetting Scene View camera angles/settings in one-click

Scene Shot Bookmarks Editor Window


Read more about the origin of Scene Shot Bookmarks at


  1. Ensure the Assets/Editor/SceneShotBookmarks directory exists in your Unity project
  2. Place all three files in the SceneShotBookmarks directory
    • SceneShotBookmarkModel
    • SceneShotBookmarksScriptableObject
    • SceneShotBookmarksWindow
  3. In Unity, click the Window menu followed by clicking the Scene Shot Bookmarks option


Once installed, you can:

  1. Save the current Scene View camera state (Bookmark button)
  2. Instantly reset the Scene View to a bookmarked camera angle (# button)

Additionally, you can:

  • Share bookmarks with your team (via source control)
  • Persist bookmarks after closing and reopening Unity (thanks ScriptableObject)
  • Associate nicknames to bookmarks for context
  • Change the bookmark count via the Inspector Window

Scene Shot Bookmarks Editor Window Custom Count